Pre-school Sport

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We offer weekly Sports programs at various childcare centres throughout Sydney. Our Sports programs are aimed at developing children’s fundamental motor skills, confidence in movement & enjoyment of physical activity.

We focus on locomotor, object control and body control skills. Our sessions are also designed to give children a basic understanding of the key elements of sports such as Athletics, Gymnastics, Soccer, T-Ball, Tennis and Cricket.

Activities will challenge and develop children’s balance, co-ordination (hand-eye, foot-eye), fitness and strength.

All activities are age-appropriate, we use lots of different equipment and our emphasis is on making exercise fun!





My son has participated in Leaps ‘n’ Bounds Sports program for the past year.  He has absolutely loved it and it has been the highlight of his week at daycare.  He has learnt so many new skills which he has proudly shown us and it has created such a love of sports for him which will continue as he starts school next year.  We also had Leaps ‘n’ Bounds come to his birthday party which was a great success and kept the children thoroughly entertained! 




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